Step-By-Step Guide


How to apply for a NSW Firearms Licence.

STEP 1 - Join a Pistol Club

  • Join a New South Wales Amateur Pistol Association approved target shooting club (i.e., Hume Pistol Club).
  • To join, you will need two written character references. References must be from persons 18 years and older, who are not related to you and who have known you for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Click here for an Hume Pistol Club Application Form or contact the Hume Pistol Club.

STEP 2 - Complete a Firearms Safety Training Course

  • New shooters will need to complete a (pistol) firearms safety training course.
  • For rifles and shotguns, a certificate of completion will need to be provided from an approved Long Arms Safety Course.
  • To book your firearms safety training course (pistols) at the Hume Pistol Club click here.

STEP 3 - Contact NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562

  • You’ll need to provide a genuine reason for using a firearm ― sport/target shooting  or hunting.
  • Choose the category of licence you want:
    •     Category A: air rifles, rimfire rifles (.22 calibre) and shotguns (not pump action)
    •     Category B: centrefire rifles, shotgun/centrefire combinations
    •     Category H: pistols
  • You will need to provide the required details. Then you’ll be mailed an Application for a Personal Firearms Licence P561 and Genuine Reason Form P660 and/or P661.

STEP 4 - Submit Your Application

  • Complete your Personal Firearms Licence Application P561 and Genuine Reason Form P660 and/or P661 to NSW Firearms Registry. Make sure you provide ALL requested information. Incomplete applications will delay the application process.
  • Be patient! There’s a mandatory waiting period of 28 days from date of receipt by NSW Firearms Registry.
  • After the mandatory waiting period your licence can be issued.

STEP 5 - Enjoy

  • Now you’re ready to experience the exciting and rewarding sport of pistol shooting.